In Macau, China, Myrtha Pools completed a new ambitious project.
A former Portuguese colony, Macau is not far from  Hong Kong and shows two different identities:  both an ancient country bonded to its colonial past, and a sort of Las Vegas of the East.  Many hotels and casinos were built  in the most recent part of the city, which is experiencing an exceptional economic growth.

The Galaxy Macau Resort & Casino, one of the best casinos in the country, offers its guests unique experiences such as  tropical gardens and excellent recreational facilities.

Myrtha Pools completed here an unrivaled project.
The 3.940 sqm wave-pool  was completely refurbished by using our RenovAction Technology.

The extraordinary river – which has a perimeter of 1340 metres and runs through the entire resort – includes several attractions such as water-slides, a ‘volcano’, water-falls, geysers and jacuzzi areas.

The most amazing attraction is a 13 meters see-through methacrylate bridge which allows guests to walk along the path and see people in the river above.  Bathers can experience the unique thrill of swimming suspended in mid-air.

The river, equipped with 296 LED lights, is another example of  Myrtha Technology and how it  can be successfully applied to the most difficult situations; a light, sturdy adjustable structure to create the most unrivaled projects.

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