A Myrtha Pool at Simpson Park Community Center, Lakeland, Florida

The significant renewal of the pool at Simpson Park Community Center in Lakeland, Fla, is signed Myrtha Pools.

Built in 1988, this pool was previously renovated due to water leaks and, ruined by the time, it needed a total renovation in 2013 by using Myrtha RenovAction Technology.

The renovation work has been started during winter and completed in time for the summer re-opening.

Renovated to allow swimming activity of athletes on both short and long courses, the 50 mt pool of Simpson Park Community Center is equipped with springboard diving and scuba-diving areas, complete with two one-meter diving boards, and a hoist lift to allow access to people with mobility difficulties.

The park has excellent outdoor facilities: basketball and tennis courts, a playground, several indoor spaces including a gym for fitness and recreational classes to satisfy the diverse needs of the community.


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