19 countries and 100 attendees: a successful Myrtha meeting organized during Paralympics!

At the occasion of Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, Myrtha organized a successful meeting between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

The event took place from 15 to 19 September with a strong commitment from all attendees: 100 guests -among distributors, designers and industry player – from 19 countries had the unique chance to visit some of the nine sports facilities where Myrtha Pools completed the pools specially designed for the Olympics.

Grand Hyatt Hotel in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro have been home to the meeting. It was a unique opportunity to retrace together the extraordinary Olympic adventure: 18 swimming pools completed in 1 year, the management of pools’ operations during the most important swimming competitions and the excellent resolution of unpredictable problems occurred to other pools not signed by Myrtha.

During the event, Myrtha Pools organized nine speeches, which captured the attention of the audience thanks to the issues of great interest and technical depth.

Actually, the great cohesion and the friendly atmosphere between the guests made the event.

This turned the days spent together into an exciting opportunity for networking both in terms of business relationship and, most important, human relations, creating a great, unique team.

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