Compact slides

Have you got only a small area at your disposal, but you don’t want to loose the opportunity to have a waterslide for you and your guests? No problem! Our compact slides are projected with a new technology, which allows the installation also in small areas, thanks to the narrow radius. Our “Compact slides” range is standard, in this way project expenses and delivery times are knocked down. All the slides proposed are built according to European norms EN 1069/1-2.

Superslide 1
Section: mm 600×900
Length: m 11,86
Height: m 1,35
Superslide 2
Section: mm 600×900
Length: m 15,78
Height: m 2,57
Superslide 3
Section: mm 600×900
Length: m 23
Height: m 3,85
Turbo silde
Section: Ø 825
Length: m 24,09
Height: m 4,50

Compact slides
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