Movable bulkhead

The movable bulkhead allows simultaneous activities to take place inside separate areas of the same swimming pool. Built out of stainless steel, the structure can be drawn across the width of the pool by means of two rails, located externally on the flooring surface. The sliding movement is made possible using two stainless steel flywheels located on the two opposite ends of the bulkhead. Flywheels are connected to the sliding system by a double chain reduction gear.

Thanks to a magnetic traction system, a mechanical activation of the platform itself may be also employed. This would do away with any superfluous components on the swimming pool overflow.

Unlike other floating systems, the bulkhead developed by Myrtha Pools, has the advantage of an extreme accuracy and regularity of movement along the pool. Once secured in fixed positions, the bulkhead can also mark competition fields, in perfect accordance with FINA regulations.

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The Flow-Through Bulkhead

Flow through bulkheads allow a large amount of the swimmer surge wave to pass through the bulkhead above and below the water further eliminating the rebound wave and turbulence.
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