Movable floor

The movable floor allows the usable depth of the pool to be varied so that different activities may be practised inside: competitions, synchronised swimming, disabled/remedial activity, swimming instruction, diving, aqua-gym, baby swim and all other activities that require different levels of water depth.

The usable typologies of the mobile pool floor are different and thanks to its adaptability, Myrtha technology allows the perfect integration of each one of these systems inside the pool itself without any difficulty.

Movable floor with wall movement

The extreme functional capacity of this floor consists in the fact that the mechanism thanks to which it moves, unlike the one of other movable floors, is placed along the walls and not on the floor of the pool, that can therefore be easily cleaned in every point, also with automatic cleaners. The movable floor is formed by floating frame of stainless steel pipes and composite resine beams. The heads of the steel beams are connected to two screw jacks that allow the movement of the floor up and down. The movable floor is furthermore provided with all the safety elements required from the international regulations.

Floating movable floor

This is a floating structure constructed using fibreglass elements, anchored down at different points on the pool floor through a cable system. Held under tension by an actuating mechanism placed outside the pool, the cables allow the positioning and fixing of the movable floor into the desired placement, even in a sloping position with respect to the pool’s floor. This allows not only ease of cleaning but also pool maintenance.

Removable floors for depth reductions

An easier possibility to change the depth of the pool consists in the use of a trestle structure resting on the floor and easily removable after the period of utilization. It is a set of structures made of an ABS grating on the upper shelf and of a stainless steel trestle, that are hitched together to cover the whole surface of the pool floor. This system is the ideal solution for all those swimming structures that need to change the depth of the pool only periodically, or for some months of the year. In fact, besides being very simple and fast to be installed in the pool, it does not require any intervention on the pool walls and its costs are no doubt less considerable than those of the movable floor.
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