Myrtha Backstroke System

Myrtha Pools has developed a new prototype footrest designed to facilitate the backstroke swimmers’ start during competitions. The footrest provides the athlete with a stable support on the wall and allows a faster and safer start without risk of slipping, while at the same time enhancing performance and timing.

The new system is comprised of a stainless steel base covered with anti-slip material, which the athlete places his feet on in preparation for the start. The base rests on the pool wall at water level and is connected with a cable system to a support structure. This support is adjustable and removable. The base is constructed of polyester and is placed on top of the starting block.

The new system is adjustable depending on the needs of the swimmer and is easily removed from the block immediately after each start. The footrest will be removed by the judge as to avoid obstructing the dynamics of turns during the race. The project has been tested in Istanbul following the green light received by the F.I.NA. Technical Committee.

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Myrtha Backstroke System
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