Other accessories

Myrtha Pools supplies many other accessories and equipment specifically designed for competition pools in accordance with FINA regulations, such as lane markings, positioned on the floor and on the walls, made both of PVC and of tiles or mosaic, anchors for floating lines, underwater windows for competitions’ monitoring and underwater filmings, recessed safety ledges and built-in steps, that guarantee the absence of protrusions in the pool and the complete utilization of the lateral lanes, besides being perfectly compatible with bulkheads or movable floors.

Myrtha Technology allows for maximum integration of all such accessories in the structure of the pool. This not only with regard to the floor – like lane markings -, the wall and the cushions, but also for all the other solutions: the underwater windows, the recessed steps and above all the “collapsible” anchor systems, specifically designed to be integrated directly into the grid of the overflow gutter, without interventions on the surrounding floor.

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