Removable headwalls

FINA regulations require competition pools with overflow on all four sides to have headwalls 30 cm higher than the water level, at the start and turning ends of the pool. For this purpose, Myrtha Pools have developed removable headwalls, which allow the water overflow on all four sides and at the same time provide an ideal support for the timing electronic touch pads, starting blocks and floating lane line anchors.

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The Structure

Removable headwalls consist of a stainless steel supporting structure, made up of base frames, crossed tubes and support structure for the starting blocks. The structure is composed of different sections, which may have the same length as the lanes. Each section rests upon back and front supports. The front supports are fixed on an anchor plate inserted into the overflow gutter, while the back supports are directly placed on the pool deck. The steel structure is coated with a special covering incorporating grids and corner-pieces in anti-slip ABS stabilised with UV rays.
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