Spray park

Spray Parks are highly customizable recreational structures in which the water is canalized in specific plants and sent to innovative attractions. Water is sprayed from the amazing lighthouse or spilled from the tipping buckets.
Within the Spray Park there are also colored slides that, together with the numerous other attractions, create an amazing path.
The vertical structures, with various shapes and bright colors, represent particular design elements, attractive and noninvasive.
The Spray Park is an area where all the elements are integrated and where the users perceive the whole space as a single recreational area, discreet and protected. Children can play in zero depth area without risks; kids can invent always new games and paths thanks to the particular sprays activation system, while adults can refresh themselves just walking between the attractions.
To use a Spray Park is not required to be able to swim and parents can relax without worries since there’s no risk of drowning.

Spray park
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