Virtual Trainer

The Myrtha Pools Virtual Trainer, developed in cooperation with Indico Technologies, is an innovative patented system used to pace the swimmers’ training activity. The system controls a LED strip that runs along the entire length of the pool and is waterproofed by a sheath. The LED strip can be placed either on the pool floor or on the water surface along the floating lane line. At the beginning of the training session, the strip receives pre-programmed impulses that progressively switch on the LED lights, according to a previously established time and for a specific number of laps. The athlete’s point of reference is the constant light flow that can be easily followed. The perception approximation is less than half a second and the LED intensity allows for perfect visibility in any light conditions.

The Virtual Trainer’s working principle is based on the possibility of programming the system with a wireless remote control, a laptop, which is included with the system, or a smartphone.

The system can manage programs for up to eight lane lines with single or up to six swimmers per lane. Each swimmer follows a different colored light.

LED strip lengths are available for both 25 and 50 m pools. The system is available both for temporary or permanent installations on the bottom of the pool.

Virtual Trainer is distributed by Myrtha Pools in a world exclusive.

View the video on Myrtha Pools YouTube channel.

virtual trainer for swimmers
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