There’s nothing better to stimulate children’s imagination: a magical water castle with an obstacle track through sprays, slides, water guns and much more to discover!

Model 100
surface: ca. m2 45
water toys: 3 platforms, 22 jets, one pipe, 4 shower, 4 valves, 1 tipping bucket, 2 waterguns.
the basic model, ideal for small areas.

Model 300
surface: ca. m2 176
water toys: 6 platforms, 43 jets, one bridge, 1 tunnel, 7 showers, 15 valves, etc.
over than 40 jets, a bridge, a tunnel, a slide and much more!

Model 400
surface: ca. m2 325
water toys: 10 platforms, 50 jets, 4 slides, 1 swing, 10 waterguns, 1 tipping bucket, etc
the biggest model, more than 300 m2 of fun.

The palm
a caribbean atmosphere right in your park!
upon request it’s possible to customize the water playgrounds theming.

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