Budapest 2017: we are completing the high diving temporary pool!

Work in progress for the high diving temporary pool!

At the 17th FINA World Championships, the pool will be the home to high diving competitions scheduled from 28th to 30th July.

This is the first time a temporary pool host this swimming discipline and Myrtha Pools took on this new challenge!

The pool signed by Myrtha lays on a platform ad hoc designed at the occasion close to Battyhyány Square: a special glimpse of the city from where to have a spectacular view with the Parlamient, the most beautiful bridges of the town and the Buda Castle as the set of competitions

Location: Outdoor
Shape : circular
Dimensions:  Ø 15 m
Height: 6,2 m
Actual Depth: 5,85 m (pool’s recirculation system: Skimmer)
N° of Skimmer: 10
N° of panels: 120
Water capacity: 1062 m3

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