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Myrtha equipment was not used in the diving or water polo pools!

Myrtha equipment was not used in the diving or water polo pools. Those pools built for the 2007 Pan-American Games– as mentioned in previous news –  were not provided by Myrtha and the company has nothing to do neither with the installation nor with the current operations.  READ FINA STATEMENT! FINA: Myrtha equipment was not used in the […]

2016 Rio Olympic Games | Italy already made it… in the pool!

Before Rio Games starts, the 2016 Olympics already have someone on the podium: the winner is Myrtha Pools, an Italian excellence in the world of manufacturing. Founded in 1961, Myrtha is currently considered as the world leading company of the industry, especially in USA, Australia and New Zealand. Myrtha reinvented the world of swimming pool […]


This is what is happening in Switzerland, where actually a Myrtha component is evaluated as a fine work of contemporary art in one of the artistic installations signed by Alicia Frankovich. Complex Bodies exhibition inaugurates a new series of art shows based on the theme “120%–Optimization vs. Entropy”, and taking place in the context of the *Kurator program of the Gebert Stiftung für Kultur. The […]