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Myrtha Pools sail the seas on world's biggest ship!

Harmony of the Seas is the 2016 world's biggest cruise ship. It is 361 m long and 18-floor high and it is the new giant of seas. An extraordinary cruise ship signed Royal Caribbean, offering exclusive and original attractions where guests can enjoy, chill and have fun. The real enchanting feature for a true adrenaline experience [...]

Myrtha Pools at the Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games!

Even if Olympics ended few weeks ago, the spirit of the Games is still hot: the fifteenth edition of the long-awaited Paralympic Games have just started in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday, 7 to Sunday, September 18, 2016. To open the XV Paralympic Summer, the first in history in South American, it was a stunning opening [...]

Myrtha Pools gives away its pool’s water for synchro competitions!

Myrtha Pools gives away its pool’s water for synchro competitions! If for diving the new water appearance did not caused any specific issue, the trouble for synchronized swimming would have been huge: in those competitions in fact, crystal clear water is a must both for swimmers, who need to clearly see underwater, and for judges who [...]

Rio 2016: More than 20 Olympic medals for Michael Phelps!

The super-athlet lead the 2016 Games in swimming with five golds and one silver medals and two races and two golds in two competitions in one single night. Phelps just can’t get enough! After 2 world records and 6 gold medals at the Athens Olympic Games in2004, 7 world records and eight gold medals during Beijing [...]

Italy triumphs at Rio 2016, from the athletes till the pools signed by Myrtha Pools!

Italy step on Olympic Games podium in swimming competing successfully in the pools installed by Myrtha. Myrtha is so proud of Gregorio Paltrinieri – touching home first in the 1500 m freestyle final and Gabriele Detti, winner of two bronze medals in the 400m and 1500m freestyle. The result is even more special as the medals [...]

Myrtha at Rio 2016: Olympics and Worldwide record star!

Since the Olympic Games began, there have been 8 World and 23 Olympic records set in the competition pool which has left many speculating on why this pool is so fast. The swimmers themselves are of course an important factor; however, Myrtha has incorporated many different technologies into the design and construction of the pools, such [...]

Myrtha Pools Has Had a Big Presence in Rio!

Just over a month after 2016 US Swimming Trials were hosted in two Myrtha Pools installed at the CenturyLink Center in Omaha, NE, Myrtha has moved on to South America to Rio De Janeiro for the 2016 Olympic Games. Myrtha Pools has proudly supplied 18 pools in Brazil in the past 12-months, 9 of which were [...]

Rio 2016: Crystal clear water in all pools signed by Myrtha!

2016.08.10 - We are now at day 5 of Olympic Games and all pools signed by Myrtha have the most see-through water ever. An excellent result gained thanks to the use of Defender filtration system,  the advanced Strahlenturbulenz circulation system, the perfect and completely automated chemicals dosage. All those state of the art technologies make pools’ [...]

Rio2016: Myrtha is on the podium together with the athletes

On day 4 Olympics swimming competitions don’t stop amaze the audience and all the fans. An exciting show hit the scenes in the innovative pools signed by Myrtha at the Estadio Olimpico De Desportos Aquaticos There we go with the medals of day 4 at Rio2016: 200 M Freestyle Male Gold: Sun Yang – China Silver: Le Clos – [...]