Buda-‘Best’ 2017: the best FINA World Championship of the last few years!

The 17th FINA World Swimming Championships, which took place in Budapest from July 14th through July 30th, just ended last Sunday.

Hundreds of athletes from 186 countries gathered in the Hungarian capital to compete in 75 different events across 6 water disciplines.

The athletes expressed so much emotion and such incredible performances that the media, FINA sponsors and the world of swimming in general, outlined these Championships as the best edition of the last few years. In terms of organization and coordination between the various officers, the completed job has been excellent also considering the installation of all facilities.

Thanks to the amazing locations and the magical atmosphere, the event represents without a doubt an unforgettable experience for all who were there. The Duna Arena for diving and swimming, Alfred Hajos Swimming Stadium for Water Polo, Park Városliget for Synchronized swimming, Lake Balaton for open water swimming and the Batthyány tér on the Danube for high diving.

The 17th FINA World Swimming Championships excited the audience as well, as they celebrated their joy and passion for water sports throughout the entire event. Most of the water polo and synchro competitions were sold-out as clear evidence of the increasing affection to these disciplines.

Two temporary pools designed by Myrtha were home to Synchro warm-up (50x25x3 m pool) and competitions (30x25x3 m pool). Myrtha completed the pools at the beginning of the year in different locations to provide for proper training facilities for the athletes preparing for the July championships.

The High Diving events were a huge success. The location of the high diving sessions were along the Danube sides, with the Hungarian Parliament in the background: a stunning and breathless scene from which to admire the divers!
For the occasion, and for the first time in the history of this now popular discipline, Myrtha Pools created a temporary circular pool of 15 m diameter and 6 m depth. An unrivaled solution throughout the company’s history with a self-supporting structure, which represents the answer to a decisive challenge, not only in terms of engineering and technology, but also in terms of installation.  In fact, the Myrtha team installed the pool on the riverbank in only 10 days, in confined space, and working simultaneously with other teams engaged in the construction of the dive platform.

This special pool made the high diving competitions a real show by creating a facility specifically for the event. Besides preventing athletes from diving directly into the sea or rivers, the pool allows for underwater shooting, giving the audience a chance to see the performance in the water. Moreover, – and this is confirmed by athletes – diving into a well-defined water surface makes the platform rip more precise and calibrated. A thrilling platform – at a 20m height for women and 27m height for men!



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