Kolezija: after 14 years, the oldest pool in Lijublijana is back in service

The  “historical” pool in Kolezija reopened in July 2015: a renewal worth 9.5 million Euros, funded by the Municipality of Ljubljana to give new luster to the old swimming center, now redeveloped into a modern aquatic complex.

Built on the site of an old mill and a history which dates back to 1853, the ancient water basin had effectively  become a swimming pool in 1879, a place in the countryside where to strengthen the body with sport and where to spend leisure time.

After 14 years of closure, the entire structure has been redeveloped and is now back in service with two new Myrtha outdoor pools, sport and recreational areas. Designed with special care for the environment, the complex features solutions based on renewable energy and green technology. Myrtha Technology was chosen for the construction of both pools because Myrtha means sustainability: innovation in harmony with territory, technology which respects the environment: with a reduced environmental impact, even during installation,  self-supporting, strong and elastic, Myrtha Technology adapts to any condition and guarantees  the longest life-cycle along with low maintenance needs.

The renovation and Myrtha Pools
One year after the start of renovation works, the new complex now features two pools signed Myrtha:
a 50×25 mt  olympic pool, complete with Removable headwall and equipped for competitions and water polo, and a smaller leisure pool covering an area of ​​12,5×10 mt. In addition to whirlpools, the leisure pool offers a free-form shallow area, equipped with Softwalk Safety Floor and water games for the safest entertainment of children. A wooden grandstand, sports and recreational areas, an indoor garage and outdoor parking, accessible to people with reduced mobility complete the facilities.

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