This is what is happening in Switzerland, where actually a Myrtha component is evaluated as a fine work of contemporary art in one of the artistic installations signed by Alicia Frankovich.

Complex Bodies exhibition inaugurates a new series of art shows based on the theme “120%–Optimization vs. Entropy”, and taking place in the context of the *Kurator program of the Gebert Stiftung für Kultur. The exhibition deals with the interfaces between the body and the external world, with a focus on both physical and psychological reactions to external influences.

Soft water, one of the works exposed in the exhibition, is composed of a rather particular element: the hydromassage stairs signed by Myrtha Pools.

Usually designed for a gradual entry into the water, the prefabricated stairs for pools are constructed from special PVC components and are available in a variety of designs and of color.
The stairs are well-known by their particular structure, specifically designed to avoid the use of concrete in the pool and to change the stairs area into an amazing hydromassage area.
Myrtha prefabricated stairs can be in fact equipped with hydromassages and innovative LED backlight systems, in order to become a small peace oasis where to relax also during the evening hours.

Besides its specific features as a pool component, the Soft Water stair has been one of the most appreciated artworks by the visitors, thanks to its linear and essential design.

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