2016 Rio Olympic Games | Italy already made it… in the pool!

Before Rio Games starts, the 2016 Olympics already have someone on the podium: the winner is Myrtha Pools, an Italian excellence in the world of manufacturing.

Founded in 1961, Myrtha is currently considered as the world leading company of the industry, especially in USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Myrtha reinvented the world of swimming pool with the idea of design pools made of stainless steel instead of concrete combined with the great advantage of fast installation time and reduced maintenance costs. Flagship of those strengths are the temporary pools installed in the occasion of the greatest international competitions.

Athletes’ performances and records are the purpose that Myrtha consider when installing a pool with an extreme millimetric precision.

Myrtha is proud of the 18 pools installed for the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio: this represents a peak of an increasing trend started at 1996 when Myrtha supplied its first Olympic pool for the Atlanta Games.

After that, the history was made by a pool for Beijing 2008 and with the break-through 7 pools supply during Olympic Games in London 2012.  For this occasion, the choice fell on Myrtha because of the huge attention the company pays to environmental care.

Quality and performance are the pillars of our mission” as Annalisa Colletto founder’s daughter and Marketing Director, said – “but we don’t lose sight of environment respect as one of the most important value for Myrtha using eco-friendly materials and filtration systems”.

A brighter future is expecting Myrtha: “we will be part of Worldwide Swimming Championship in Budapest in 2017 and we are to become potential supplier for Tokyo Olympic Games 2020. In fact, we will meet a Japanese Olympic delegation in Rio to show them why Myrtha would be the right choice”.

Surf through our booklet online and find out all the pools signed by Myrtha at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games!

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