Myrtha Pools achieves South-east Asia: the company arrives in Myanmar, the “Land of Pagodas“, a Country that is both rich in millennial traditions and oriented towards modernity.
Naypyidaw, whose name means “royal city of the sun” in Burmese, has already been the capital city of Myanmar for more than a decade and is constantly growing thanks to tourism. This important city saw the creation of two twin buildings: the Wunna Theikdi Aquatic Centre and the Zayar Thiri Aquatic Centre.

Within each of these two identical aquatic facilities, Myrtha Pools installed two indoor pools -a 51x25x3m competition pool and a 26x25x5m diving pool– and an outdoor warm-up pool, all built using the exclusive Myrtha Technology Ceramic 1.

It was precisely Naypyidaw to host the 27th edition of the Southeast Asian Games, that were held through December 11 to 22, 2013. During this important biannual multi-sport event, the swimming and diving competitions took place in the Wunna Theikdi Aquatic Centre, while the Zayar Thiri Aquatic Centre hosted the waterpolo competitions.

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