Myrtha Pools has added Mexico to the long list of countries where it is present with its high quality installations. The first two pools that have been built in Latin America are in Puebla. The city, which is an Unesco World Heritage Site located 80 miles from Mexico City, chose the Myrtha technology for the construction of a new aquatic center because it is known for its seismic resistant technology. The Myrtha’s resistance to seismic movements is an essential quality and consideration for Puebla as the city is located in an area known for seismic activity.

A recently constructed aquatic center on the north side of the city, which utilized concrete for the pools, has already been damaged by a seismic event in 2014. For this reason, city officials decidedMyrtha technology would be a better solution for the construction of the second aquatic center they planned to build.

Myrtha Pools designed and manufactured two 25-meter indoor pools, a competition and a baby pool in less than three months.

The competition pool is 25×12.5m, 1.5m depth, and is fitted with competition accessories such as a movable bulkhead and starting blocks. The targets on the walls are made of glass mosaic, a detail that gives a more prestigious appearance to the entire structure.

The baby pool is 25x10m and 0.70m depth. In this pool an anti-slip PVC floor membrane has been installed to ensure the swimmers greater safety. The pools also utilize both a Defender filtration and a sand filtration system.

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