Myrtha Pools and Swim England Form a New Partnership!

Myrtha Pools is honored to announce our newest partnership with Swim England, the national governing body of swimming in England.  The goal is to increase participation in learn to swim programs, water safety, and competing in aquatic sports such as swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo and diving.  Myrtha Pools also provide technical solutions to renovate or upgrade their existing facilities with RenovAction technology, which allows to quickly renovate aquatic facilities that have become obsolete overtime avoiding major demolition and thus allowing major cost savings. Myrtha proudly supports the growth and development of aquatic sports by forming these integral partnerships across the world while providing its technical expertise that allows to design any kind of project.

Swim England
Swim England works with their partners to create programs that encourage everyone to be active, have fun and stay healthy through swimming. Each month millions of people are able to enjoy swimming, diving, water polo and synchronized swimming because they have been through Swim England’s renowned Learn to Swim Program. Swim England is committed to helping people stay safe in the water and works to ensure water safety is a top priority on the national agenda.
At its heart, Swim England is a membership organization dedicated to supporting the development and grow of its clubs and members. It maintains the laws of the sport and runs world-class national events. Swim England also operates a comprehensive range of qualification and education programs for teachers, coaches, officials and tutors. For more information visit

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