Myrtha Pools at Biennale of Architecture 2016

Myrtha Pools takes part at the 15th International Exhibition of Architecture building a water space within the Australian Pavillion.


In line with the Biennale theme “Reporting from the Front”, the purpose will be “about bringing to a broader audience, what is it like to improve the quality of life while working on the margins, under tough circumstances, facing pressing challenges. Or what does it take to be on the cutting edge trying to conquer new fields.


Myrtha celebrates its over 100 projects in Australia and New Zealand, being a pioneer in winning meaningful and “social” challenges. With no constraints to architectures’ vision, Myrtha perfectly melted together quality with design, technology with creativity. From the most advanced training centers, till recreational and leisure pools, Myrtha gathered a wide audience of unexpected users in the most remote area of Pacific’s.

The absolute integration between architecture and surrounding environment has always been inspiration and mission at the same time, creating pools blended in a territory where water is an essential element of cultural identity.


The pool is a portrait of all the powerful meanings and impacts of a pool in social life: building closer communities, being a collective space of integration, bring along lots of smile relieving human struggles.
Telling our “Experiences from the front” means having found the right formula – made of genius, courage, versatility.
To break through new boundaries, whether real or mental, is still an ongoing challenge.

Myrtha is leading to elevate Architecture to a greater level: where imagination becomes true and creates a shared flourishing prosperity.

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