Myrtha Pools was selected to built a temporary swimming pool, recently opened, to replace the historical competition Belmont Olympic pool in Long Beach, California.

The Belmont Plaza swimming pool was closed in January 2013 after a structural and seismic assessment that led to the conclusion that in case of an earthquake the structure would result unsafe. The swimming pool had to be radically restructured.

Considering the importance of the leisure and sport centre, used by many swimming teams coming from all over California, the closure would have carried many issues to the swimming activities being hosted.

The Long Beach authorities therefore asked Myrtha Pools to take part in building a temporary pool to replace the official one.

Reconstruction works started in September and came to an end within a couple of months.

The temporary Myrtha pool is 52 m long and 25 m wide, fitted with a removable headwallflow-through movable bulkheadMyrtha Track-start starting blocks, lane markings on the floor and targets on the wall.

The pool can host occasional customers as well as swimming courses, or sport events and will be used for 3-4 years, the time required for the Belmont Plaza Pool renovation.

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