Myrtha Pools back to Norway to build two new swimming pools!

Myrtha Pools is back in Stavanger for the third time, to provide two swimming pool for the new Gamlingen Center, a modern and multifunctional structure, available to the entire community. The new facility carries the same name as the original complex: a famous swimming center built in the 1957 and closed during 2015 to leave the way free for a new road tunnel system in the area.

The new Gamlingen Center, based on pure renewable thermal energy, has been reopened on the other side of Lake Mosvatnet.

The building is now loaded with new technologies and services such as a new gym, three saunas and even outdoor swimming pools: a 25m competition pool, provided with six Myrtha Track Start starting blocks,  and a freeform pool for babies. Both are outdoor and naturally heated: 28° for the main one and 32-33° for the babies’ one.


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