Myrtha Pools has used its state-of-the-art technologies, Myrtha andRenovAction, to build the pools inside the Aquoisia Inter-municipal Aquatic Centre in the Guise Region.

The centre consists of three complementary areas for different activities: an aquatic area including amulti-functional 25m Myrtha pool, intended for both sport and relax; a fitness-training area; and a wellness area equipped with a leisure Myrtha pool, two spas, an hamman, a Jacuzzi and lastly a rehabilitation area.

When designing and building the structure, great attention was paid to energy saving and environmental sustainability. The building in fact has been provided with an ultra-filtration device that allows the recovery and recycle of water from the filter washing, aiming to save water and heating for the centre. The choice of Myrtha technologies is part of the ecological sustainability aim of the centre: Myrtha systems and products enhance the possibility to improve the LEED building certification process, increasing awarding scores for the project.

Moreover Myrtha aims to reduce carbon emission as well as chemical products and save water.

The Myrtha pools of the aquatic centre have been built according to different technologies’ combination: Myrtha and RenovAction for the structure and Structural to skimmer raised walls for the gutter sections.

The multi-functional indoor pool (25×11.20×0.79-1.81m) consists of a straight swimming pool, with a free form leisure area on the long side. The pool, white with black finishes, is fitted with lane line markings on the floor and targets on the wall, hydromassage outlets and two fountains.

The leisure Myrtha pool inside the fitness area (11x6x1.30m) has been designed alternating technologies and it is fitted with hydromassage outlets, cervical fountains and four hydro massage beds in abs slats, designed and manufactured by Myrtha Pools.

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