Taastrup Svømmehal: the new swimming facility designed by Myrtha Pools and DISH

Taastrup Svømmehal” the name of the new pool in Høje-Taastrup, a Danish municipality, a few minutes from the centre of Copenhagen.

The facility was built by Myrtha Pools in co-operation with DISH, a Myrtha dealer in Denmark, aiming at offering a functional facility while offering a new environmental-friendly plant:  a “turnkey” swimming arena accessible to the most important local swimmers but designed, as well, to host important swimming events.

Besides the pool, the project includes a building; a ventilation and water treatment plant as well as a dressing room area and shared spaces designed for offices and restaurants.

During the short-course European swimming championships in 2017, at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen, the Taastrup Svømmehal facility was visited by many European architect delegations deeply interested in the project.

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