Myrtha Technology

Smart use of materials!

Building a swimming pool has never been so fast! Myrtha is the most exclusive and advanced technology in the swimming pool industry, including swimming pools design and indoor pool construction. Its patented pre-engineered modular pool system, featuring laminated stainless steel panels and a buttress system, enables a Myrtha structure to attain perfect waterproofing, as well as strength and sturdiness. Myrtha technology provides the ideal solution to the many limitations of traditional reinforced concrete structures and ordinary prefabricated swimming pools. Myrtha also provides the best and most modern swimming pools design and the faster outdoor and indoor pool construction. Building a swimming pool with the components and techniques used by Myrtha means ensuring security and modernity.

Stainless steel Structure

The high quality stainless steel used in a Myrtha pool guarantees an extremely long life of the structure regardless of the presence of highly aggressive soils or high water tables. Myrtha employs exclusively engineered components mechanically fastened. This method eliminates the need for welding, avoiding the risk of increased corrosion. The use of stainless steel materials ensures maximum mechanical strength of the panels, buttresses and of the other components that form the structure of the swimming pool.

PVC – Waterproofing

PVC has been used for many years as a swimming pool waterproofing material: smooth but not slippery, resistant to UV degradation and chemical agents, sanitized and aesthetically pleasing. Perfect waterproofing is ensured by the unique process of bonding PVC to the Myrtha® steel panels. A hard PVC membrane is hot laminated to the steel in the manufacturing process, whereas a reinforced membrane is used on the floor of the pool in order to follow the contours of the concrete sub-surface.

Finishing solutions

For high-level aesthetic finishes, Myrtha technology uses a wide range of exclusive materials that match the colors of the PVC. Myrtha allows for the use of special stone and marble materials to ensure a more elegantly finished poolproject. This combination of materials and colors allow the client to personalize each and every swimming pool according to their specific needs.
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Installation process

Myrtha pools are designed and engineered to be free standing resistant structures, installed thanks to an unparalleled high-precision assembly process, as well as a significantly fast installation. When building a pool, the time of construction is a very relevant issue to be considered both from the pool building time side, and for the impact of the whole site construction times. A shorter installation time means a substantial savings in direct cost, not to mention the indirect costs such as overhead, energy, insurance, etc. Building a Myrtha pool allows a shorter installation time compared to traditional construction, where the building process requires long times.

Competition projects

Thanks to its extremely high product standards, Myrtha Pools is currently the first choice for institutions, setting up numerous sports facilities throughout the world. Myrtha Pools is also a proud partner of FINA and of the most important Swimming Federations, and it has built many of the most important pools for international swimming competitions.

Leisure project

Myrtha Pools has become an international market leader designing pools for the public sector, including splash and leisure pools, hotel pools, fitness and wellness pools, as well as thermal and therapy centers. Myrtha technology offers a wide range of sophisticated solutions, that perfectly meet any particular project requirement.