Renovaction Key components

The RenovAction installation process is both simple and fast, without the possibility of mistakes or delays in the renovation work.


The existing surface of the pool is normally left untouched. Clamps, also manufactured with the same Myrtha stainless steel as the panels, are fixed to the pool wall. Clamps may be recessed into the wall, should it be critical to maintain the dimension of the existing pool. The recessed clamps are often required when the pool has to meet the rules for competitions.

Fitting spacers

In some cases, the original walls of traditional pools to be renovated may show cracks or unevenness, which could compromise the precision of the installation of the panels. RenovAction addresses the problem thanks to the use of special high density foam spacers, that are glued between the concrete wall and the panel. Once fixed, the spacers are trimmed off with accuracy thanks to the use of a high temperature electric cable. The number of the spacers may vary according to the panels and the unevenness of the walls.


The walls are modular panels of Myrtha stainless steel which is laminated on the inner swimming pool face with a hard PVC surface forming a unique product which may be mechanically processed and bent in excess of 180° to form the panels without any effect on the integrity of the PVC membrane. Then the wall panels are inserted over the clamps.

Panel sealing

Once installed, the entire structure is waterproofed with a combination of semi-rigid PVC profiles and a special Myrtha sealant, which is applied to the joints of the wall panels, guaranteeing a perfect weld on the entire surface.

Overflow gutter

The gutter is manufactured with the same Myrtha stainless steel as the panels and therefore, once the special Myrtha sealant is applied, it forms a continuous waterproofed surface. This is the unsurpassed advantage of the Myrtha RenovAction system in comparison with any other method of resurfacing a swimming pool. There are many choices in the options of overflow gutters, with aesthetics that may satisfy even the most demanding and discriminating customer.

Floor Covering with Reinforced PVC Membrane

The floor is lined with a special reinforced PVC membrane. The membrane is supplied in rolls which are hot welded together at the seams. The wall panels and the floor are joined together by a PVC profile, which is also hot-welded to the walls and the floor.

Protective reinforcements

In order to allow for a better waterproofing all joints between the Myrtha sections are welded with a liquid PVC or a reinforced PVC tape. The result joint is extremely resistant, optically uniform to the panel surface and aesthetically pleasant.

Finishing solutions

Ceramic tiles are applied on the top of the Myrtha surface for a clean and elegant finish. Adhesion of tile to a Myrtha stainless steel surface is much easier and safer than to a concrete surface, as there is no possibility of water penetration beneath the tiled surface.