Myrtha Track-Start is the newest starting block model designed by Myrtha Pools to facilitate the swimmer’s take-off and optimise competition performance. The block is composed of a special patented Omega platform that is compatible with the Omega Timing System and licensed to Myrtha Pools.

The platform is designed to provide the athlete with a more stable base for the “track-start” take-off. Specifically, the footrest permits swimmers to start with the back leg at a 90° angle, obtaining an ideal position for the launch. This solution allows the swimmer to gain up to one tenth of a second in start signal reaction time.
The adjustable anti-skid platform measures 74 x 52cm and the back part can be adjusted in five positions, according to the height of the athlete. The base of the block is made entirely of PVC and has no exposed metal parts, preventing all possible corrosion. It was designed to ensure resilience and better visibility of the indicated lane numbers.

Myrtha Track-Start blocks, officially approved by FINA, were enthusiastically received by professional swimmers and are now used in all of the international competitions and selected by all of the principle swim facilities worldwide, to allow athletes to train on the same blocks used in the competitions. For these reasons Myrtha Track-Start blocks are produced with a double-system of attachment points for mounting: other than that specified for the model, there is a second system that corresponds identically to that of traditional blocks, allowing substitution on existing pools that reuses the anchorage without any structural modifications.

Myrtha Pools adopted the new Myrtha Track-Start blocks for the first time on the occasion of 13th European Short Course Championship in Istanbul on December 2009. The blocks were installed on pools produced by Myrtha Pools at the Abdi Ipekçi Arena of Istanbul.

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