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A Myrtha pool on the eighth floor of the Hilton Brisbane Hotel

Brisbane is a popular metropolis well known for its distinct Queenslander architecture. To enrich the modern city’s built heritage the Hilton Brisbane hotel, designed by the renowned Australian architect Harry Seidler and which includes a high-rise pool signed Myrtha Pools. It is a heated outdoor pool that measures 13.3x 5.9x(0.3-1.2) m, fitted with a lane […]

Myrtha Pools in Texas for the 2016 Women’s Intercontinental Water Polo Tournament

Two Myrtha pools have hosted from Feb. 16th to 21st, in Texas, the best women’s water polo teams in the world. Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan and USA have challenged each other at 2016 FINA Women’s Intercontinental Water Polo, to qualify for next Super Final of World League, planned in  Shanghai from June 7th to 12th,  2016. The […]

Belgrade 2016: Myrtha Pools for the European Water Polo Championships

The 32nd European Water Polo Championships will take place from January 10th to 23rd in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia and place of culture, inspiration, sports and festivals. The long-awaited competitions will be held in the Kombank Arena, the largest indoor arena in the city which offers 25 thousand seating and which often houses […]


This is what is happening in Switzerland, where actually a Myrtha component is evaluated as a fine work of contemporary art in one of the artistic installations signed by Alicia Frankovich. Complex Bodies exhibition inaugurates a new series of art shows based on the theme “120%–Optimization vs. Entropy”, and taking place in the context of the *Kurator program of the Gebert Stiftung für Kultur. The […]

Myrtha Pools at IAAPA, the world’s largest amusement trade show

The most important worldwide exhibition in the Amusement field, which focuses on amusement industry, is taking place in these days (from November 16th to 20th) in Orlando, Florida. The exhibition is being attending by more than 28.000 professionals working in the entertainment industry, including amusement parks, theme parks, family entertainment centers, arcades, museums, water parks, […]

Myrtha Pools at Westin Denver International Hotel

Opened in November 2015, the Westin Denver International Hotel is a modern destination; perfect for business trips and holidays, it offers customers a higher level of service, convenience and comfort. The curved sinuous building is part of the new Hotel and Transit Center. It features a distinguished elegant design, and top class facilities including several […]

A Myrtha Pool at Simpson Park Community Center, Lakeland, Florida

The significant renewal of the pool at Simpson Park Community Center in Lakeland, Fla, is signed Myrtha Pools. Built in 1988, this pool was previously renovated due to water leaks and, ruined by the time, it needed a total renovation in 2013 by using Myrtha RenovAction Technology. The renovation work has been started during winter […]