Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games 2016 are getting closer and closer, save the date from 5 to 21 of August and don’t miss the most exciting worldwide competitions!

Rio de Janeiro is warming-up and the atmosphere at the Test Event kick off on April the 15th was really hot!
The same Olympic venues which will be the home of the 2016 Games just staged 45 competitions: not only the chance to test the facilities but also the opportunity of a dry run for all logistics and safety operations.
7,000 athletes just had the opportunity to have a first touch with the facility: a first experience with the big theater of epic races and new heros’ records.

The Olympic Aquatics stadium has been home to the swimming test event from April 15 to 20. Two 50m pools signed by Myrtha proudly hosted both warm-up and competitions phases and are now ready to enter in the heart of the race!

Find out more about 2016 Olympic Games: 18 Myrtha pools the 2016 Rio Olympic Games!

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