A.S.D Park Club – Alatri, Italy

Location: Alatri (FR)
Opening new attraction: 2009
Attraction: Space Boat

Spectacular enlargement for Alatri waterpark! A new Space Boat combines thrilling emotions of Space Bowl with the evergreen pleasure of sliding on a tube. Users start their ride in a tube slide, connecting them to the “Bowl”, where they turn and turn vortically, until a new fall down…
Space Boat ensures entertainment, safety and a nice frame to the park, thanks to its flamboyant colours (blue and yellow, like the colours of the local soccer team).

A.S.D Park Club – Alatri, Italy
State: ITALY
Type: Aqua Park and Slides
Accessories: Body and tube slides, Rafting and Black Hole, Special editions
Year: 2009
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