Almaty 1997, Central Asian Games

1997: The swimming facilities of theSports Center, in the capital of Kazakhstan, built around 1960, were closed for the impossibility to have them running, despite of repeated interventions to repair them.

At that time, their complete renovation was heartily recommended also by CIO, which intended to organize there the first edition of the Central Asia Games.
In this case, Myrtha Pools took the field with RenovAction Technology, which -using special stainless steel and PVC Myrtha panels-, allows for the integral renovation of the pool without demolitions and without modifying its measures. The 50 m external pool was thereby renovated: new filtration and disinfection systems, pool inside lining with Myrtha RenovAction stainless steel panels, overflow gutter on the long sides, starting blocks and all the accessories necessary for the competitions.
In September 1997, the Almaty Sports Center hosted the first Central Asia Games.

Almaty 1997, Central Asian Games
Type: Competition pool for 1997 Central Asian Games
Year: 1997
Dimension: m 50x20
Technology: Renovaction
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