Alpine Aqualand – Queenstown, New Zealand

Designed to be an extension of the already existing Event Centre, the Queenstown Aquatic Center offers an intense aquatic experience to both residents and visitors. The shape of the new aquatic center recalls the jagged profiles of the surrounding magnificent landscape:  irregular protrusions create unique interiors and offer stunning views of the mountains. The color of the complex naturally fits  into the surrounding space and the buildings harmoniously blends with the surroundings;  the  interiors are designed to fit the environment and all indoor elements, including  the six  Myrtha pools, have unusual shapes inspired by the forces of  nature.

Central visual element from the larger pool is a mountain with its abstract shapes, from which a waterfall pours into the leisure pool underneath.

A second waterfall, smaller in size, pours from the leisure pool into the connected baby pool.

The center features 6 pools each of which is positioned at different levels; these pools were fully designed and built by Myrtha Pools with  the use of Myrtha Technology.

The 20 x 25 mt sports pool, conforming with all FINA requirements, features eight lanes. With temperatures ranging from 25 to 2 ° C, this pool is equipped with an access ramp to allow easy access for disabled. The pool bottom descends gradually, providing ideal conditions for all water activities: depth gradually grows from 1.05 mt on the shallow side,  to 1.65 mt in the central area,  down to 2 mt depth  on the opposite side where water is deeper and swimmers can safely rest on one additional step.

The learn-to-swim pool is a 13×7.5mt size pool, with depths from 0.75 to 1.20 mt and a water temperature ranging from 31 to 33 ° C.

The recreational pool, also with gradual depths – ranging from 90cm to 1,50 mt to allow multiple water  activities – has a constant temperature between 31 and 33 ° C, which makes it ideal for rehabilitating  sessions. It covers an area of ​​390 square meters with 30 mt max length and 9 mt width.


The children’s pool, covering a surface of approximately 53 sq mt and 50 cm depth, is designed to accommodate pre-school children in a safe space which is easy to monitor. Complete with water games,   it is fed by water flowing from the recreational pool down into the children’s pool in one charming, relaxing waterfall.

In addition to the above pools, the center offers a thermal pool and a Lazy River.

Ideal for hydrotherapy, the thermal water temperature can reach 38-40 ° C; the lazy river flows as an extension of the recreational pool, and runs along its 37 meters length, providing a path of pure relaxation where each full turn lasts about one minute.

Alpine Aqualand – Queenstown, New Zealand
Type: Sports pool, leisure pool, baby pool, spa pool, Lazy River
Accessories: Fountains, waterfalls and Geysers, Rivers, Stairs and ramps
Year: 2008
Dimension: 25x20m Sports pool; 390sqm leisure pool; 53sqm baby pool; 12m (lenght) spa pool; ; 37x1.8 m Lazy River
Depth: 1.05-1.75-2.00 m Sports pool; 90-1.50 m leisure pool; 50 cm baby pool; 90 cm spa pool; 90 cm Lazy River
Benefit: Access ramp adapted for persons with reduced mobility
Technology: Myrtha combined technologies, Myrtha overflow gutter – ceramic/1
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