Aquatic Centre Sestriere, Italy

In the renowned touristic station of Sestriere (Italy), at 2,000m altitude, Myrtha Pools built the pool of the council Aquatic Center. Considering the thermal shocks proper to high altitude areas, the Myrtha Technology was the best choice for the center. The 25m 4 lanes indoor pool, ceramic overflow gutter, features an hydro-massage area and is provided with removable headwalls, underwater lights and elevator for people with disabilities. The pool is also connected to the outdoor free-form pool.

The two multipurpose pools allow to conduct different swimming and aquatic activities, such as athletes’ training and tourists’ recreational activities.

Aquatic Centre Sestriere, Italy
State: ITALY
Type: Piscina sportiva e Ludica
Accessories: Removable headwalls, Hydromassages, Accent Lighting
Year: 2005
Dimension: 318 m² Free-form pool
Depth: 1.22 m
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – ceramic/1
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