Aquatic Centre YMCA – Quinte West

The City of Quinte West is situated on the shores of the scenic Bay of Quinte – the gateway to the famous Trent-Severn Waterway. This beautiful natural setting, combined with a liberal and dynamic community, allows Quinte West to be a great place to live and the right place to do business. The last arrival in terms of services is the new aquatic complex built by the YMCA.

The complex aims to accomplish all desires and greatly enhances the lifestyle of all inhabitants of Quinte West. Within the aquatic complex there are two swimming pools signed by Myrtha Pools, both built using Myrtha Pools.

The first one is an Olympic swimming pool 25x12mt with a height ranging from 1.50 to 2.80mtand it hosts racing activities such as swimming lessons and team sports; while the second one is a recreational and group activity pool, measuring 15x10mt with a constant height of 1.20mt and is suitable for various possible functions: games for children, water aerobic and hydrogym.

Both pools have overflow system with large steps and ramps that facilitate entrance; in this way even people with disabilities can enjoy the pool and have access to all the activities proposed by the YMCA.

Myrtha Pools continues its partnership with the YMCA to help the association develop projects and improve the quality of life of its users, ensuring pools with high performance and unique technical features.

Aquatic Centre YMCA – Quinte West
Type: Piscina ludica
Accessories: Stairs and ramps
Year: 2012
Dimension: 25x12 m; 15x10
Depth: 1.50-2.80 m; 1.20 m
Benefit: Scale e scivoli facilitano l'ingresso in piscina alle persone disabili
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – classic
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