Barcelona 2003, X FINA World Championships

For the 10th FINA World Swimming Championships (July 2003) Myrtha Pools has designed and installed a 50 m swimming pool at the Club de Nataciò Barcelona that hosted the water-polo competitions.
The swimming pool has been constructed using the exclusive patented Myrtha® Technology. Over 50 year of experience allows Myrtha Pools® to produce for Barcelona and for FINA the sports most advanced pool, with unmatched technical and structural features.


Structure and Materials: all of the pool tank structure, from buttresses to bolts and screws to panels, are made of stainless steel; the panels are laminated with a permanent layer of PVC which was an exclusive patented technology developed by Myrtha®
Dimensions: 52.5x25m, 1.312 m² surface, 2.800 m³ volume, 155 m perimeter
Depth: 2.0 – 2.6 m; wall recessed safety ledge at 1.20 m depth from water level
Gutter: a Ceramic 3 overflow gutter is used on all four sides of the pool, with a 5º wave reducing slope (Finnish overflow)
Steps: the recessed treads are also made according to Myrtha® Technology
Racing Lanes: the 10×50 m and 15×25 m racing lanes are marked by black and red ceramic tile strips
Competition Equipment: the pool has two headwalls and two moveable bulkheads that allow the club to run three separate and diverse activities from the one competition pool. The bulkhead movement mechanism is also a patented Myrtha® Technology.
Other special features: there are 10 large underwater windows for TV or coaching and the pool is designed for a 25x7m moveable floor to be installed following the competitions, which will allow for water depths ranging from 0 to 2 m
Recycle System: this pool utilizes the exclusive Strahlenturbulenz for water circulation, which is a system based on specially designed wall inlets (using only 17 fittings for the entire project) placed alternatively along the long sides of the pool. The inlet fittings generate a powerful water flow that allow for rapid and total water re-circulation, with no dead areas.

Barcelona 2003, X FINA World Championships
State: SPAIN
Type: Competition pool
Accessories: Movable bulkhead, Removable headwalls, Other accessories, Stairs and ramps
Year: 2003
Dimension: m 52,50x25
Depth: 2.0 – 2.6 m
Benefit: filtration Strahlenturbulenz system based on specially designed wall inlets
Technology: Myrtha technology
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