Carnival Horizon

Carnival Horizon
This giant of the sea, 324 metres long, was designed to provide resort-like experiences and great fun for its guests, in all its areas.
This is the twin ship of the Carnival Vista, the Carnival Horizon. Here you can find plenty of restaurants and bars where you will appreciate an international cuisine, an artisanal brewery on board of the cruise ship, pool areas, relax areas and wellness centres for one’s total relax of the body and mind, in addition to a variety of areas dedicated to sports and entertainment. From the SkyRide, a cycling path suspended in the air, to the SportSquare, an area for all the fitness lovers, to the water park with slides and water games, the 3D cinema, the shows and the multi thematic areas designed to satisfy every need of the guests.

The waterpark
Carnival Horizon is the first cruise ship to host Dr. Seuss Water Works, an open-air theme park inspired by the original world created by the American author of children’s books. In the park, that is situated on deck 12, two waterslides run, designed to bring great fun to the youngest guests. Here lively shades of alternating red and white are present; The Cat’s Hat is a 140-metre waterslide that interwinds in dynamic curves between closed and empty spaces where you can jump into the water with a water dinghy enjoying mad and wildly coloured dashes.

Next to it you can find Fun Things, an 88-metre slide that is entirely closed and animated with amusing polka dots, which are visible even from the inside, creating extravagant light effects; these slides are a guarantee of great fun.
The theme park includes an area for younger children, with interactive water games, attractions with water sprays and tilting buckets that create the effect of amazing waterfalls.

Myrtha Pools and the installation
Realised by Fincantieri, Carnival Horizon started to take its shape near the shipyard of Marghera, in Venice.
The design and installation of Dr. Seuss Water Works, followed by Myrtha Pools, took about 6 months. The entire project was brought to completion and the client was fully satisfied with the result.

Carnival Horizon
State: ITALY
Type: Waterslides and Waterpark on Cruise Ships
Accessories: Body and tube slides, Spray park
Year: 2018
Dimension: 88 m (Fun Things waterslide length), 140 m (The Cat's Hat waterslide length)
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