Challenge Stadium Perth – 10 Lane, Western Australia

Challenge Stadium Aquatic Centre has played host to numerous outstanding international sporting events including the 6th and 8th FINA Swimming Championships in 1991 and in 1998. Never before in the history of the event has a city hosted this prestigious event twice. Challenge Stadium has world class swimming facilities: one 50 m 8 lane indoor swimming pool, an indoor diving/water polo pool, two 50 m outdoor swimming pools and an outdoor water polo pool, built by Myrtha Pools for Water Polo competitions of the 8th FINA World Championships held in 1998. In 2007 the management of the centre has chosen to incorporate RenovAction for the renovation of two 50 m outdoor pools in preparation of the 2008 FINA Swimming Master World Championships.
From a comparative study (available on application) carried out on the pools of the Challenge, it has emerged, in fact, that the maintenance of a concrete pool is more complex and onerous with regard to the one of a Myrtha pool. If the Myrtha pool built in 1996 has not undergone any maintenance till 2003, and at this time it was only low value minor maintenance. Yet the indoor concrete tiled 50 m pools, after only 9 years of operation, have required the total replacement of the ceramic tiles along with major water proofing repairs.
The renovation works of the pools were started in September 2007 and each pool took only few weeks start to finish, with the 8 lane 50 m finished late October and the 10 lane 50 m finished in late December.

10 lanes: The pool measures 51x25x2 m. Initially 50 m long, it was lengthened to include a movable bulkhead. To accommodate the movable bulkhead one end of the pool had to be demolished and replaced with Myrtha panels. The pool has three overflow sides and an end with ceramic competition headwall. It is equipped with a movable bulkhead, 8 sets of recessed steps, starting blocks, mosaic lane markings, plastic mosaic targets and Ceramic 2 style Myrtha® gutters.


Challenge Stadium Perth –  10 Lane, Western Australia
Type: Competition pool
Accessories: Movable bulkhead, Removable headwalls, Starting Blocks Myrtha Track-Start
Year: 2007
Dimension: 51x25
Depth: 2 m
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – ceramic/2, Myrtha technology
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