Chateau Bleu – Annemasse

In June 2104 the Annemasse swimming center, Chateau Bleu, was re-opened after a consistent refurbishment started in 2011, which included the renovation of the existing pools.
The original pool structure, dated 1970s, has been restructured thanks to Myrtha Pools’ RenovAction technology resulting in a competition swimming pool 50x20m and a leisure pool 25×12.50m. The project was further supplemented with a baby pool 9.5×9.4m, built according to the Myrtha Structural overflow technique.

The 50m swimming pool is fitted with a movable floor and aileron, Myrtha Track-Start starting blocks, lane markings on the floor and targets on the walls.
The 25m leisure pool is divided into different sections and is fitted with lane markings on the floor and targets on the walls, whirlpool inlets and benches and a swan-shaped fountain.
The baby swimming pool has a variable depth between 13 and 36cm, allowing babies to approach water for the first time.

Besides renovating the structure and the pools, the centre has also been named differently.
At the end of 2013, the city of Annemasse launched a competition opened to the public to find a new name for the swimming centre: out of 400 proposals, 7 suggested “Château Bleu”, which was then used. As a reward for the name selection, the seven winners were granted a family yearly subscription to the centre.

Chateau Bleu – Annemasse
Type: Competition, Leisure and Baby pools
Accessories: Movable floor, Starting Blocks Myrtha Track-Start, Fountains, waterfalls and Geysers, Hydromassages, Zero-entry
Year: 2014
Dimension: 50x20x(1.7-2.7)m (competition pool); 25x12.5x(0-1.4)m (leisure pool); 9,5x9,4x(0.13-0.36)m (baby pool)
Structure Type: Indoor
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – structural, Renovaction
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