Cochabamba 2018, South American Games

The Pools of the 2018 South American Games were made in Italy!
Cochabamba is the first Bolivian city to install two Myrtha pools, designed with the same technology as the Beijing Olympic Games 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016 and for the FINA World Championship.
Home to these pools is a new aquatic center, recently built in the municipality of Cercado at Mariscal Santa Cruz Park.

The aquatic venue is at the arena of Cochabamba located 2570 m between the areas of La Chimba, Colina de San Sebastian and Cochabamba known as the go-to destination for all sports and outdoor activity.
Mariscal Santa Cruz Park has been designed with large spaces blended in the green: areas to practice all different types of sports, a food area, a playground and space for children and adults to relax. The park will become the biggest recreational area of Cochabamba. Designed with the purpose to make people more aware of the environment, natural resources and biodiversity preservation.
Myrtha Pools is perfectly suited for the eco-friendly theme: the minimal carbon footprint of Myrtha Technology is 50% lower than traditional concrete tiled pools. CO2 consumption and the amount of materials needed to complete a Myrtha pool will help achieve a LEED criteria, the most important standard in terms of carbon footprint recognized worldwide.

Installation began during the last few months of 2017 and was completed during the first quarter of 2018. The pools were installed at the same time as the building was being constructed.  Some of the Myrtha benefits are the speed of installation, design flexibility and project versatility without sacrificing our extreme precision. All these represent imperative requirements for architects and Swimming Federations.

Sturdy, resistant and flexible: Myrtha offers quick installation without using heavy construction equipment, reducing the possibility of mistakes on site. In addition, Myrtha is the ideal technology for any type of soil conditions and is perfect if you are looking for easy maintenancelongest lifecycle, and millimetric precision.

During International swimming competitions such as the South American Games, it is mandatory to have the exact pool size according to FINA standards. Respecting these standards is virtually impossible using concrete pools, while it is a guarantee in the case of Myrtha.
The Cochabamba Aquatic Centre was to be completed within 343 days from the start. The investment for the municipality of Cercado is considered quite large, but is well worth the investment with Myrtha’s 15-year warranty.  Often municipalities build premier facilities solely for the purpose of international events, leaving them with a huge project of dismantling them.  In this case, after the competitions, the Aquatic Centre now serves the community of Cochabamba catering to a wide range of audiences: children, adults, seniors as well as top level athletes, for whom an Olympic pool is a necessity.

The purpose of the municipality is to offer the community a rich program of different aquatic activities: some as school programs, others dedicated to training, learn-to-swim, leisure activities and of course international swimming competitions.
The Aquatic Centre includes a total of 3 indoor heated pools, two of them designed by Myrtha Pools, with the third being handled by a local construction company.
Only the pools designed by Myrtha are FINA sanctioned to be able to host the most important competitions.
competition pool: 50x25x3 m, 10 lanes
Diving pool: 25x16x (3-5) m, 3 lanes for swimming


Cochabamba 2018, South American Games
Type: Competition pool, diving pool
Year: 2018
Dimension: 50x25 m (competition pool), 25x16 m (diving pool)
Depth: 3 m (competition pool), 3-5 m (diving pool)
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – classic competition
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