Constantine Marriott Hotel – Algeria

The hotel’s design is influenced by Algerian architecture with its wide modern spaces. The luxurious Marriott Constantine Hotel overlooks breathtaking views of the city with famous landmarks just a few kilometres from the international airport, making it the ideal destination for both business travelers and tourists.
Guests are welcomed by a wide range of services to offer the highest levels of comfort for the duration of one’s stay. Among these you will find both an indoor and outdoor water area, with two heated Myrtha pools.

The indoor pool
The covered area, embellished by an elegant colonnade, includes a rectangular shaped pool with hidden infinity pool, covered by Bisazza mosaic.
In this pool the spaces appear to be optimized to meet the needs of all guests, allowing them to not only swim and relax with the hydromassage but also train using the dedicated area with the counter-current system.

The outdoor pool
In the outdoor area you can admire the incredible scenic views of the city below and the bridges that connect it to the nearby mountains.
This area includes a free-form pool, surrounded by a wide terrace where guests can relax.
The pool is separated by two distinct areas with a Bisazza mosaic wall that creates areas for different uses: a larger one, perfect for swimming and a shallower one, designed for children’s fun.


Structure type
: Structural with overlaid floor
Size 13.12 x 7.63 m
Perimeter 52 m
Surface ~ 101 m2
Depth 1,35 metres
Volume: ~ 135 m3
Bisazza mosaic finishing on pool floor, walls, hydro massage bench and stairs

Structure type
: Structural, mosaic, freeform
Leisure pool size 26.77 x 17.27 m
Baby pool size  R 3,15 m
Perimeter 63,17 + 19,78 m
Surface 263 + 31,15 m2
Depth from 0,52 to 1,50 m
Volume: ~ 420 m3
Bisazza mosaic finishing

Constantine Marriott Hotel – Algeria
Type: Hotel pools
Accessories: Hydromassages, Stairs and ramps
Year: 2014
Dimension: 13.12 x 7.63 m (Indoor pool), 26.77 x 17.27 m (outdoor pool)
Depth: 1,35 (Indoor pool), 0,52 - 1,50 m (outdoor pool)
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – structural
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