Copenhagen 2017, XXIII LEN European Championships (25m)

Copenhagen: the transformation from state of the art Royal Arena to European Championship swim stadium has been completed. In under 10 days the arena has seen an incredible change where two new pools emerged for the LEN European Short Course Swimming Championships from December 13-17 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

”We took over Royal Arena on Thursday November 30th at 6am, and our first job was to make the markings of where the competition pool was to be built” said Mads Bang Aaen, the Event Manager for the European Championships. “Now the transformation from world-class concert arena to world-class swim stadium has finished, and in less than 10 day, the first swimmers has started training in the pools, so we worked around the clock to meet this deadline. Around 30 people built the two pools and around 20 people built the pooldeck, that is elevated more than 2 meters above the original floor.”

The arena, which often houses incredible concerts, will now host its first sport event with the LEN European Short Course Swimming Championships.

Myrtha Pools built the swim stadium, and the Italian pool experts bring loads of experience and references to Copenhagen. They have built the swim stadiums for several editions of Olympic Games, World Championships and European Championships. In Copenhagen two pools have been constructed – a competition pool and a warm-up pool, both of them fitted with removable headwalls and Myrtha Track Start starting blocks.


”The competition pool must be very precise” Mads Bang Aaen said. “It has to be exactly 25 metres long and not a centimetre longer or shorter in order to be used for international competitions. After installing the two pools, a new temporary floor has been built around the pools in a height of over 2 metres from the original floor. Then we filled the pools with water: we needed 2 million litres. Lastly a water test determined if the water quality was high enough for swimming. On Sunday December 10th the two new pools were ready to welcome the first athletes. This has been an intense and very interesting process but we can’t wait to present a beautiful, state-of-the-art swimming venue for all the spectators, swimmers and viewers around the world.”

Around 700 swimmers from 45 countries will compete in 40 events.

”The LEN European Short Course Swimming Championships on Danish soil is the first sport event that takes place in the magnificent Royal Arena, and it will be five days of fantastic swimming where the Danes will be up against some of the best swimmers in the world, among them the likes of Olympic champions Sarah Sjöström from Sweden, Adam Peaty of Great Britain and Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu” Bang Aen added.


Facts on Royal Arena as a swim stadium:
– It takes 10 days to transform Royal Arena into an international swim stadium.
2 temporary pools will be built in Royal Arena. A pool for competition and a warm up pool. A big carpet will divide the arena.
– The competition pool measures 25 x 26 meters and contains 1.3 million litres of water. The warm up pool is a little smaller and measures 25 x 16 meters and contains 800,000 litres of water.
– The water temperature will be 26 degrees.
– The two pools will be built by the Italian company Myrtha Pools who also builds pools for The Olympic Games and World Championships.
– The arena has a capacity of 6,500 spectators at a time.

Facts about the LEN European Short Course Swimming Championships 13-17 December in Copenhagen, Denmark
700 swimmers from 45 countries will participate in Copenhagen.
– The swimmers will compete in 40 events.
– On the 5 competition days running from Wednesday December 13 to Sunday December 17 the preliminary races will take place in the morning session and semi-finals and finals in the evening session.
– The European Championships is the first sport event taking place in the multi arena, Royal Arena, that opened in February 2017

Copenhagen 2017, XXIII LEN European Championships (25m)
Type: Temporary pools
Accessories: Removable headwalls, Starting Blocks Myrtha Track-Start
Year: 2017
Dimension: 25x25x2 m (competition pool), 25x15x2 m (warm-up pool)
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – classic competition
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