Coral Springs Aquatic Complex – Coral Springs, FL

Recreational Design and Construction, Inc. constructed 2 new pools and renovated a third using Myrtha technology. A new state of the art competition pool was constructed as well as an activity pool. A 2nd competition pool was renovated using Myrtha RenovAction technology.

Project Team: General Contractor – Recreational Design and Construction Group;    Aquatic Consultant – Aquadynamics Design Group Inc.;    Architect – Robert Walters Architects.
Coral Springs Aquatic Complex – Coral Springs, FL
State: USA
Type: Competition Pool, Activity Pool Leisure, Multi-Use, Therapy Pool/Spa
Year: 1995
Dimension: m 50x22,9 (piscina da competizione); m 19,8x10,9 (piscina per l'apprendimento); m 25x22.9 (piscina da competizione)
Depth: m 1,2-2,1 (piscina da competizione); m 1,20 (piscina per l'apprendimento)
Structure Type: Outdoor
Benefit: Accessibile anche ai disabili; paranchi sollevapersone
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – ceramic/2, Myrtha technology, Renovaction
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