Novo Parque Aquatico do Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro

Not far from the busy Copacabana Beach you can find the exclusive “Esporte Clube Flamengo”, famous for its football team, one of Brazil’s strongest, as well as for its excellent sporting facilities.

These include a competition swimming pool, chosen by the Olympic swimming teams as a training venue.
For the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, the swimming pool required substantial renovations to be compliant with Olympic standards but replacing the entire venue would have been very expensive in terms of time and money.

In renovating their 50m pool, the challenge for Myrtha was to create a special application of its RenovAction technology that would overcome some significant issues and thus avoiding a costly demolition.
A Myrtha panel was designed to be installed on top of the concrete ledge of the old swimming pool to raise the level of the swimming pool by 80 cm while at the same time accommodating a new inlet system that replaced the original one that was in the floor of the pool.
With the use of RenovAction technology, the old pool was very quickly refitted, and the centre itself did not have to be shut down.

Novo Parque Aquatico do Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro
Type: Competition pool
Year: 2016
Dimension: 50x25 m
Depth: 2.5 m
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