Gamlingen – Stavanger, Norway

Myrtha Pools returns for the third time to Stavanger, a beautiful Norwegian city, not only characterized by amazing fjords, mountains, white beaches and stunning views, but also known as the European capital of energy and oil.

After the previous creation of two 25 m indoor pools in Hundvåg and Kvernevik areas, Mytha Pools provided two other Myrtha pools for the new “Gamlingen” center, a modern and multifunctional structure, available to the entire community.

The new facility, built in a different area of the city, carries the same name of the original complex: a famous swimming center built in 1957 next to a big electrical transformer station, a solution that provided warm water for the swimming pool during the entire year.

Unfortunately, in 2015 the old Gamlingen swimming pool had to close down because it was blocking a new road tunnel system in the area and because the water-cooled transformers that once delivered the thermal energy for the swimming pool was no longer there.

The new Gamlingen Center, based on pure renewable thermal energy, can deliver 3.000.000 kw/hour per year, has been reopened on the other side of Lake Mosvatnet.

The building is now loaded with new technologies and services such as a new gym, three saunas and even outdoor swimming pools.

From the new opening, the complex became extremely popular, with up to 100.000 visits in the first two months.

The swimming pools, designed and produced by Myrtha Pools, are a 25m competition pool, provided with six Myrtha Track Start starting blocks, and a freeform pool for babies that measures 20x13x(0,30-0,60)m. Both are outdoor and naturally heated: 28° for the main one and 32-33° for the babies’ one.

The pools are all built with Myrtha Technology, an exclusive technology which guarantees low maintenance costs, long life of the pool and short installation times.

Gamlingen – Stavanger, Norway
Type: Sports pool, freeform baby pool
Year: 2017
Dimension: 25x16,50 m (sports pool); 20x13,10 (baby pool)
Depth: 2 m (sports pool); 30-60 cm (baby pool)
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – ceramic/1, Myrtha overflow gutter – structural
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