Glasgow 2018, XXXIV LEN European Championships

An event not to be missed spread out in eleven days: for Glasgow, August was undoubtedly a month of sports. From the second to the twelfth of August, together with Berlin, Glasgow hosted the 34th edition of the European championships; over 3200 athletes competed in 7 different sports and over 1 million people attended.

Water sports, canoeing, cycling, golf, gymnastics and triathlon took place in Scotland, in Glasgow, while athletics took place in Germany, in Berlin.
For this event Myrtha Pools installed the pool for synchronized swimming competitions, that took place from the 3rd to the 7th of August in the sports campus of Scotstoun, in Glasgow.
The pool was installed in the tennis arena and has been dismantled at the end of the event.

Glasgow 2018, XXXIV LEN European Championships
Type: Temporary pool
Year: 2018
Dimension: 25 x 20 m
Depth: 3 m
Technology: Myrtha technology
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