Hallenbad Buchholz – Uster, Switzerland

Here in Uster, Switzerland, the third city of Zurich Canton, Myrtha Pools signed an extraordinary 50m pool at the Hallenbad Buchholz sports centre.

After 30 years of disuse, the architecture study, K&L Architekten AG, completed an ambitious refurbishment project, breathing new life to the facility. The venue now boasts larger spaces, re-designed to better suit the needs and requirements of the community.

The facility, built in the 70s, had a structural collapse in 1985, which led to the closure of the center. The freshly refurbished venue now has a 6600 sqm surface and a super-contemporary atmosphere, featuring wide stained glass windows overlooking the surrounding gardens. The bearing structure of the roof has been designed in wood, the ideal material for a swimming centre. The construction includes a suspended ceiling specially developed to create the finest aesthetic result as well as the best acoustic effect.

The new building features a variety of spaces: a wellness area, an area designed for families and children, two previously existing 25m pools – one for training and the other for leisure.

The crown jewel of the Hallenbad Buchholz is a unique indoor pool: the first 50m pool completed in Switzerland by Myrtha Pools.

“It has been amazing having the chance to realize a 50m pool with 10 lanes here in Uster, Switzerland“, architect Thomas Lehmann, one of  K&L’s founders, said with pride.

The outstanding and distinctive feature of this Myrtha pool is an extraordinary “split-in-two” movable bulkhead. FINA approved, the bulkheads allow the facility to turn the pool into a multipurpose aquatic area where it can perform different activities at the same time, either training or leisure. In fact, the movable bulkheads can be split in two halves, giving the pool the chance to have more configurations than what is possible with the usual bulkheads: 10 – 50m lanes, 20 – 25m lanes or 15 lanes total of 10 – 25m length, and 5 – 50m length.

The facility also has the capability of installing temporary pools should there be an opportunity of hosting national and international competitions.

The 50m pool designed by Myrtha, makes this state-of-the-art sport venue a real benchmark for all swimming-lovers and for the athletic club. In fact, the Schwimm Club Uster Wallisellen –which is one of the most important swimming clubs of Switzerland–  chose the Hallenbad Buchholz for its training sessions. The club is responsible for training some of the most promising athletes, and is also in cooperation with the national swimming federation, which also has many famous swim-stars.

The Hallenbad Buchholz pool is actually 51,5 meters in length, where the additional 1.5 is occupied by the movable bulkhead.

Size: 51,55 x 25 m
Depth: 2 m
Myrtha Wall color: white
Lane Marking color: Black
Gutter grid color: white
Gutter type: Ceramic 1
Tiles color: Infinity white/black – front black
Accessories: 2 movable headwalls, 1 Split in two movable bulkheads, 20 Track type Starting blocks, 24 underwater white lights

Hallenbad Buchholz – Uster, Switzerland
Type: Competition pool
Accessories: Movable bulkhead, Removable headwalls, Accent Lighting
Year: 2016
Dimension: 51,55 x 25 m
Depth: 2 m
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – ceramic/1
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