Hanoi 2003, South East Asian Games

The 22nd edition of the SEA Games (South East Asian Games), the most important sporting event of the South-East of Asia, has taken place in December 2003 in Hanoi, Vietnam. For this occasion, the Hanoi Sports Complex, a swimming center, has been constructed in a very short time in the place where, until the previous year, there was a swamp.

The center and its sports facilities have been realized in record times thanks to the strict collaboration between a team of Italian architects and the technical staff of Myrtha Pools, that has designed and built three pools.
The two main pools, one indoor and the other outdoor, were reserved to the swimming contests and are equipped with the most advanced competition accessories. The third tank, indoor, is a diving pool.

Competition indoor pool – With ceramic overflow gutter on the four sides, it measures 51×25 m and its depth is variable from 2 to 3 m. It is equipped with competition headwalls and bulkhead.

The outdoor pool – Also in this case the ceramic overflow gutter covers the whole perimeter of the pool. The pool, that measures 50×25 m, with 2 m constant depth, is equipped with competition headwalls.

The indoor diving pool – In the diving pool, that measures 25×17.6×5 m, there is one of the most advanced safety systems. It is a sort of air cushion for dives that, releasing a mixture of air and water, allows the athletes to realize their performances with absolute safety.

Hanoi 2003, South East Asian Games
Type: Competition pool for 2003 SEA Games
Accessories: Movable bulkhead, Removable headwalls, Air safety cushion for diving
Year: 2003
Dimension: m 50x2551x25x(2-3)m (indoor pool); 50x25x2m (outdoor pool); 25x17.6x5m (diving pool)
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – ceramic/2
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